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As a breeder of over twenty five years, having accurate fibre analysis is fundamental to our selection and breeding programme here at Inca Alpaca. Since The Art of Fibre (formally known as AAFT) extended their service from Australia to include Europe, the benefits to European based growers has been plenty. The process of submitting the samples is straight forward and the turnaround time has been so helpful, especially when you need samples out of season to match buyers requests or aid with breeding decisions etc.

I guess the main reason for sticking with this testing company for so long is due to the comprehensive statistical information that is produced with each sample that I submit. The fibre histogram is thorough and very useful but it’s the added bonus of a staple length fineness profile that sets this testing company apart from the others, as the profile allows me as a breeder to analyse and evaluate health and performance throughout the fibre growing period. This is especially useful for looking at stress related issues surrounding lactation, parasitism and weaning in young stock. In addition to the histogram and length profile, you can also request, free of charge, the results in Excel format and this allows me to input the date directly into our herd management software with little ease.

I would like to offer my full endorsement to The Art of Fibre and would encourage anyone not currently using their services to make the switch and benefit from the extensive information they provide at a very low price.

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