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How much fibre sample do I need and where do I take it from?

A  Watch this space for a link to a youtube video we are preparing on how and where to take fibre samples.

Does age of the fibre effect the test results?

A No. Samples can be kept for many years before being tested – that’s because of the resilience of natural fibre.

What kind of bags should I send the samples in?

A Preferably paper bags, but if using plastic bags, please don’t seal them as the condensation will be absorbed by the fibre causing the microns to increase. Please remember to write clearly on the bags.

Should I send the samples to the UK laboratory or the Irish laboratory

A This decision is completely up to our customers. Obviously, our idea was that our UK customers send the samples to our laboratory in Dorchester, while those in the EU can send them to Ireland. Over the coming Post-Brexit period, we may see some restrictions on sending raw animal fibre between the UK and the EU. If this happens, it may influence your decision on which laboratory to use.

When is the set-up fee charged and what is it for?

A The set-up fee is charged for each consignment of testing, and is added to the regular testing fee. For instance, if we receive two batches in the one parcel from the one breeder (samples from males and samples from females), the set-up fee is charged once. If the samples from the males were sent separately to the samples from the females, then the set-up fee is charged for each of the two separate consignments. The set-up fee covers our labour time with creating the testing file, calibration checks and preparing the test reports.

Can I send my samples in more than one batch ?

A Quite often we receive one batch of samples from a mob/herd, then a second or third batch from the same mob/herd at a later date. Multiple shearing periods are a common reason for this. In this case, we can test the first batch, then wait for the following batches before presenting the final test reports. As we are using the same testing file and one set of test reports, we treat this as one consignment, and therefore charge just one set-up fee.

What do the terms mean on the test report and how do I use them? How can I select breeding stock using the information?

A The following link will take you to our paper titled ‘Guide to Testing’. This paper explains what is meant by the terms used in the fibre test reports and also give a very simple guide as to how to use them. If you require further information, please email or look in our ‘Library’ page (link). If you require more detailed professional advice on how to use the information, you may wish to take advantage of our consultancy service. Please email to request this service.

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