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Fibre Testing

Since humans first walked our earth, natural animal fibres have provided warmth and protection required for survival. Through improvements in technology and practices, these fibres now also provide luxury, style and durability, yet still keep us warm and dry.
For those who breed and nurture the animals that produce this fibre, there is an understanding that normal commercial ways are not enough – there needs to be a sensitivity to how fibre is naturally produced as well as applying latest technology to measure and monitor in order to optimise this gift from nature.

Art of Fibre understands this. We are at the forefront of fibre analysis technology, but also intimately involved in the breeding and management of animals for fibre production. We understand producing natural animal fibre is an art, not just a commercial practise.

How it Works

It’s easy to have your fibre samples tested


Purchase the number of fibre sample tests you require


Use our helpful guide to take your sample and then send your fibre samples to us


Your samples will be fully tested and the results emailed to you
(or posted if requested)


Hear what our customers have to say

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Betty Stikkers

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Tim Hey

latest News

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